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Replaced Heater Core- No Rear Power Locks Now... 200

I have a 1991 Volvo 240 series that I completely removed the dashboard in and replaced the heater core and blower motor in back in early January. Upon completion of this task I noticed that the power locks do not work both when I use the key or push the lock actuator from inside the car, this previously did not happen prior to replacing the heater core. I'm guessing that I missed a connector or ground wire in reassembly, but upon inspection today I didn't notice anything out of place. Any ideas on where to look or what wires it could be? The Drivers door and Passengers door actuate with the power locks; however, the rear doors and tailgate do not. I have also cleaned and replaced the fuse related to power locks.

Thank you!


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New Replaced Heater Core- No Rear Power Locks Now... [200]
posted by  faulx240  on Mon Mar 20 18:29 CST 2017 >

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