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Alternator Adj Bolt and Striker Plate Orientation 200 1993

My adventures continue...

I was adjusting the alternator belt tension, and the bolt head snapped off. No big deal, at least I think. But after inspecting, I have a few questions

- what is the orientation of the striker plate that the adjustment bolt screws into? Should it be on top or bottom of the lock nut? Mine is on the bottom. I ask, because while tightening the adjustment bolt, it bent such that the longer part of the bolt below the striker plate interferes with the alternator fins that rotate behind the pulley. I took the A/C adjustment bolt and used it for the alternator and had the same result - both bent, but the head did not snap. I suspect the striker plate may need to be flipped, but it does not look like there is enough clearance from the water pump pulley.

- are the adjustment bolts for the alternator, A/C and P/S all interachangeable?

Thanks in advance.


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New Alternator Adj Bolt and Striker Plate Orientation [200][1993]
posted by  woodshavings  on Sun Mar 12 21:24 CST 2017 >

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