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No warning light at ACC 2 200

Hey guys! Just picked up a 88 240 sedan after being away from Volvo's for about 2 years boy does it feel good to be back. But like all I need to prove myself a bit to this new friend. He is facing me with a problem that no warning lights appear when the key is in the 2 place. So he is not charging the only head way I've made is check for wire on alt they're all there so I tried jumping 12 volts to the exciter wire once I do that my voltage jumps right to 14 and stays there but the battery light works on the dash comes on (thought that generally meant it wasn't charging though my fluke says I have 14v). I have seen the lights on the dash work a few times so I know it's not the bulbs any help helps me thanks boys!


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New No warning light at ACC 2 [200]
posted by  Makenney 28  on Sun Mar 12 19:36 CST 2017 >

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