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Tires for a 245 (and the Pirelli P6 is back) 200

It is time to put new tires on the 245....

I see that the venerable Pirelli P6 is back in production (now dubbed the P6 Four Seasons). If memory serves, this was the OEM tire for the 240 until about 1985 or '86, when it was discontinued. I do not know if the new P6 is similar in design to the original or if Pirelli just brought back the name as a marketing gimmick, but I suspect the latter.

At any rate, the reviews on Tire Rack are not very good. Several reviewers mention that their tires were tread bare after only 20,000 miles.

I am also looking at Continental's ContiProContact. A very good tire, but also pricey.

I would like to keep the cost at 100 per tire or below. I've purchased Hankook tires in the past, in fact that is what I have on the car right now. They have been just OK. I thought they were noisy. I drive this car a fair amount so I am okay with spending a bit more for better tires, but at the same time, I do not want to get carried away.

Suggestions much appreciated.


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New Tires for a 245 (and the Pirelli P6 is back) [200]
posted by  cdcrawford  on Fri Mar 10 09:04 CST 2017 >

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