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M46 bearing noise? 200

I have over 400,000 miles on the original M46 in my 245. I've noticed for a few years now that there is a noise as I slow to a stop in 2nd starting at about 15 mph. It is kind of a "whine" that gradually decreases as the car comes to a stop.

I also have what could be described as a "growl" when I get on the gas in 2nd and 3rd at around 1500 rpm. It is gone by 2000 rpm. This typically happens when accelerating out of a corner or slowing down in traffic and then getting on the gas to speed up again.

Should I try a different tranny fluid? It has 10w30 in it now.



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New M46 bearing noise? [200]
posted by  cdcrawford  on Wed Mar 8 12:37 CST 2017 >

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