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1987 240 Wagon Automatic "Barn FInd' 200 1987

Bought my first Volvo from an elderly couple's estate/garage sale. It had been sitting in their North Texas driveway for 6 plus years. It is non-running, has a clean title, one owner, 285k miles, no rust, and no accidents. I have done nothing but wash the exterior, vacuum the interior, and blow dirt and dust out of the engine bay.

My trusted family mechanic of over 20 years is coming over tomorrow night (thursday) to turn the engine over. We are hoping it's not seized. There is no oil registering on the dipstick only the smallest bit of sludge on the very tip. And it smells lightly of burned oil but that could be just my imagination.

I plan on keeping the car (doing as much work as I can myself) in my family since I have been looking for one for years. This will be a project for my 75 year old father and I to work on. I talked him out of an MGB GT V6 swap, ha ha! Plus this Volvo was 9 times less expensive for the initial purchase.

Any advice on how to proceed or if anyone has had a similar experience I would greatly appreciate any and all stories.

Thank you.


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New 1987 240 Wagon Automatic &quot;Barn FInd' [200][1987]
posted by  Chad Davonport  on Wed Mar 8 07:58 CST 2017 >

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