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Help needed: 1992 240 wagon - struggling to start when warm/sitting 200 1992

Looking for a little help with this issue i've been having with my 92 240 Wagon. Just acquired this in the past month and generally it runs really strong just have an issue with it starting up every now and then.

It seems like a fairly repeatable problem, so hoping that helps narrow it down. I searched around and it seems people have had this issue before but various cures (none of which i've tried have worked yet).

Here's a link to the video showing it struggle to start (description below):

If the car sits for a few hours (not sure what the minimum time is here), it will generally fire up right away.

After firing the car up right away, if I drive it for a little bit then turn it off and try to turn it on again shortly after (anywhere about an hour or less roughly) it will start but seems very weak when it turns over. After a couple of starts in a short period of time it sputters as shown in the video. If I give it a tiny bit of gas when starting it will turn over.

In the video attached:
0:00 - first click is me turning the key to Position II, waiting for the fuel relay to click
0:05 - turn the key and hold for ~2 seconds to start (here's the sputtering sound)

Here's what i've done to the car in the past month:
- Oil change (Mann fill, 10w30)
- new distributor cap, plugs (all gapped correctly), and cables
- new air filter, cleaned MAF
- new stribel fuel pump relay
- added Techron fuel system cleaner

A friend mentioned it could be dirty or leaky fuel injectors (hence the Techron -- just added it yesterday don't know how long it would take to see any results if it works).

I read a few different threads and people mentioned changing out the fuel pressure regulator, crank position sensor, or even the ignition amplifier. Are any of these worth trying given the symptoms shown here?

I have a new fuel pump and filter as well just need some time to install them.

Thanks for your help!


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posted by  turmoil  on Sat Feb 25 15:58 CST 2017 >

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