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PDF oil trap caution on a turbo. 900 1994

I think I am learning the hard way.

I had always known to keep the flame traps clean on my NA bricks, but had not thought of any real reason to be concerned about turbos, having no flame trap.

So I am reading a few days back that the PVC oil trap under the intake is a "maintenance" item, and with 475k on the wife's 940 ... it is obvious I should have replaced this item some time back, but never did.

Yesterday she calls after leaving the house that oil is going everywhere under the hood.

Looks like my lack of proper maintenance has caught up with me. Apparently excess crankcase pressure has caught up with me, causing a seal to leak badly.

Comments welcome.
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New PDF oil trap caution on a turbo. [900][1994]
posted by  Andrew in AL  on Wed Feb 15 08:31 CST 2017 >

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