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hi sages with direct experience r and r ing the window motor- how much work is it to replace the driver door power window motor(isit a full 5F job). checked clipcity(dealer) wants 600 checked indie wants 250. to hell with either. has worked perfectly for last 5 years. wondering if recent cool weather here on tobacco road in se fla has something to do with it. anyway window will go down with switch but up doesnt always work- press button no soap , no motor sound, no straining sound).also suspect switch may have gone to hell. other windows work fine. dont think motor has been replaced since car new. did this job back in 80on 76 dodge. another switch on driver armrest has a black and white dot on each side which i think shuts off back doorwindows or locks, never use it no longerhave little twirps riding in back. hope you can give me a 5 step or less shortcut and tutorial if youve done this job. anxiously awaiting your salvation. thanks tons my bruthas,oldduke


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posted by  oldduke  on Sun Feb 12 07:00 CST 2017 >
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    posted by  Art Benstein  on Sun Feb 12 08:16 CST 2017 >

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