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1986 240 stalls from a stop when cold 200 1986

I just refurbed a 1986 240 wagon and sold it to a nice guy. A couple of weeks after the sale he contacted me to tell me that it was stalling out when first starting out in gear, but once warmed up did OK. I actually ran into him at the junkyard a day or two after and it was idling well. He is still having the problem, had taken it to a mechanic, but the problem was not resolved. I'd like to help him out to get the thing running right again.

Prior to selling it to him, I cleaned throttle body, cleaned and checked the IACV, verified that the TPS was correctly functioning, ensured that all vacuum lines were good, cleaned the MAF, and changed the timing belt. New Dist cap, rotor, and wires. When I turned the car over to him it started on first crank every time and ran well.

Now I am trying to figure out why it is stalling out when going from P to D or R. He sent me a video and it almost seems as though it is fuel starved. Starts right up but after about 5 or ten seconds it starts to stumble then stall. I am trying to give him troubleshooting tips via text but he is a newby DIY'r but trying hard.

I have told him to bring the car over to my house on Saturday and we will check out some things together. I am asking you gurus out there for some tips, things to check, suggestions, ideas. I'd really like to help this guy out plus I feel obligated since I recently sold him the car.

Could this be a Coolant Temperature Sensor problem? Fuel pump or filter (mechanic told him that he didn't "think" that it was a fuel pump problem) Mechanic also cleaned throttle body again but I am sure that he found it to be pristine.

what say youse?


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New 1986 240 stalls from a stop when cold [200][1986]
posted by  kconatymd  on Thu Feb 9 16:47 CST 2017 >

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