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88 244 no start 200 1988

Here's my story: I have a 1988 Volvo 244 with nearly 300,000 miles on it and zero performance mods. I purchased it used a few months ago and have probably only put 3,000 miles on it. It has been very reliable thus far until last week. On my way home from work it died very suddenly so i got it towed back to my shop (i work at a custom exhaust shop) and after much searching found it wasn't getting any spark. I then replaced the coil, distributor, fuel pump relay, battery, cleaned every ground, fuse and contact i could find. Finally I then replaced the Ignition control Module and bam spark returned! Unfortunately this whole process took about 5 days and now the car still will not start. I know it has spark. I know it has fuel, in fact I was concerned the motor may be flooded as it stank of fuel and the plugs were pretty wet. so I've cleaned up the plugs and purged the cylinders of fuel.

Here's the strange part. If I unplug the fuel pump relay and crank the car over it will catch and try to run on the residual fuel but obviously it's not getting fuel consistently so it just dies out but the instant i plug the relay in it stops coughing and stops trying to catch and start. I was concerned the fuel separated after sitting in the cold (new england winters have done this to me before) but after 2 fresh gallons of fuel and 2 containers of fuel stabilizer it's not any better.

I am at a complete loss and nobody here at my shop can figure it out either.


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New 88 244 no start [200][1988]
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