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940 rear shock replacement 900 1995

I have been looking around at Youtube, etc., to find a fairly complete procedure for replacing the rear shocks on my 1995 solid axle Volvo 944.

I found one that implied that I could take out two bolts, one behind a grommet at the top of the shock and one that is exposed at the bottom of the shock and that that was all there was to it. The video did not show the mechanic actually removing the old shock and placing the new shock in its place and that has me worried a little.

I know the shocks are due for replacement--a reliable mechanic told me that. And there is a clunk coming from the left rear that could come from the shock [or elsewhere for that matter but I will start where I know I have a problem].

Is replacement of the shocks that simple? Or is there something else I should be aware of.



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New 940 rear shock replacement [900][1995]
posted by  muskox37  on Mon Jan 30 11:50 CST 2017 >

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