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To those who have lowered, would you ever go back? 200

I'm loving my '85 244 but the stock height looks awkward and ungainly and the tendency to lean while cornering is less than ideal.

I don't know any other 240 owners locally to talk to and the threads I've found in my searches on this forum have not addressed my question, and it's really pretty simple. To those who have lowered their 240's or owned cars that were lowered, would you ever go back to a non-lowered 240? Another way to ask it - was it worth it to you?

I don't want or plan to go to larger rims and low profile tires. I'm not interested in looking like I'm on my way to a street race. But given that I plan to own my car for a long time I think it might be fun to have it a little lower and a little stiffer in the corners. I don't want to mess up my wonderful tiny turning radius either, or risk bottoming out over speed bumps.

Car has less than 55K miles on it. Shocks are original and, according to my mechanic, they are in good shape and should last a long time. Bushings seem to be tight.

'85 240 DL with 48K miles


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New To those who have lowered, would you ever go back? [200]
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