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Help! My DD just died.... 900

Hi people! Thanks for looking. I'd much appreciate any help!

My DD, a 940, B230F with EGR, just died. That's the way my Mom explains it. I've got more details:

When I turn it on, it revs high (around 1500) then drops down to about 8-900 as usual. After a short while, it will start "seeking", dropping to around 500, revving to 1200, and back and forth for a while. Often, it will settle around 700 and seem like it's only firing on three cylinders (uneven pattern, shuddering).

While driving, it dies without much warning and without much explanation. Or, it will stick around 2000 RPM even when flooring it, and won't have enough power to do anything.

Tonight I did some poking around, and determined the following:
The MAF itself is perfectly fine. I swapped in a known good from my 240, and the symptoms are unchanged. I put the questionable into my 240, and it runs fine, so the MAF itself is not the problem. HOWEVER, if I disconnect the MAF, it runs steady, can rev up by twisting the throttle, and seems to run just fine, I guess this is "Limp Home" mode. If I plug the MAF back in, it dies.

I thought it was strange that it sounded like it was running on only three cylinders, so while it did that, I pulled each spark plug boot in turn: no change. Then I pulled each injector cable in turn: again no change.

The Check Engine light has been on since I got it. Now with this problem, I finally checked the codes, and it's 121 and 212 (MAF and O2 Sensor, respectively).

Any help much appreciated! I'm pretty handy - I've done timing belts, ring jobs, brakes, clutches, and all such, but prefer not to if at all possible to avoid.

Thank you!


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New Help! My DD just died.... [900]
posted by  swiftarrow9  on Mon Dec 26 21:51 CST 2016 >

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