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Heater Control Valve Options? 140-160

I had a look at the Swedish Embassy site and yes, the 140 valve is essentially the same valve with the same actuating arm arrangement.

The valve actuating arrangement is configured such that the valve is fully open when the actuating lever is pointing at about 80 - 90 deg (using straight up as a 0 deg reference) and closed is achieved when the actuating arm is somewhere between 150 - 160 deg. That external spring is presumably there to assist in closing the valve.

I checked and there is no slippage of the control cable jacket in the retaining clamp on the valve body. What I can see is that the valve smoothly moves towards the closed position as I rotate the dashboard control. As the valve actuating lever approaches about 135 deg the lever becomes very hard to move further. I can rotate the dashboard control further towards the closed position and I can see the control cable proper flex out because the lever is not moving further. If I reach up and push on the control lever with my finger I can feel the lever rotate perhaps another 10 - 15 degrees and then snap shut. At this point water flow is completely shut off. That final 10 - 15 degrees of rotation of the actuating lever requires a lot of force to achieve.

I detached the control cable and manually opened and closed the valve. I observed that the external spring cannot exert enough force to shut off the valve completely and that you have to force it shut with your finger. The problem with the actuating cable is that the force it can exert on the actuating lever is defined by the Sine of the actuating lever angle. As the actuating lever approaches 135 degrees the force of the cable becomes very ineffective at achieving further rotation of the lever.

I did spray a large amount of lithium grease into the valve operating mechanism. The valve operates very smoothly up until that final 10 -15 degrees of motion which then requires a lot of force to achieve.

If the valve actuating mechanism were arranged such that cable was mounted on the bottom of the valve and pulled the valve closed, there would probably be no problem getting the valve closed. Getting the valve fully open might be more difficult; but, that is usually less of an issue.


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