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AC Retrofit - Questions on Oil Type/Amount 200 1992

Hi Folks,
I'm in the process of retrofitting my AC to R134a. This is my first AC project, so learning a lot. I ordered the Volvo retrofit kit as well as a new compressor. I've removed and flushed everything and am replacing all of the o rings. I've got to the point of installing the new compressor and have a few questions about the oil type and amount.

1. The 700/900 FAQ specs out 200 ml of ester oil loaded directly into the new compressor. When I ordered the compressor I also ordered some PAG oil with dye. I'd prefer to use the PAG w/dye oil for troubleshooting down the road. Since everything else was flushed and I have a new compressor, can PAG be used?

2. The 700/900 FAQ retrofit procedure calls out 200 ml of oil filled directly into the new compressor. This amount aligns with the label on the original Volvo compressor which also states 200 ml. Since the retrofit procedure doesn't include removal and flushing of all components, is the assumption that some amount of oil will be left in the system and that the total amount of oil needed in the system is more than 200? Since I removed and flushed the old oil out of all components, do I need to accommodate for this by adding more oil than is specified on the compressor label? My new compressor label states 150 ml. To further complicate, things I found a document on the Hella website which has specs for the 1993 240 R134 system, and it lists 220 ml of PAO oil. I am wondering if the entire system needs 220 ml in order to guarantee there will be enough in the compressor at any time?



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New AC Retrofit - Questions on Oil Type/Amount [200][1992]
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