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Which type of engine oil do you prefer? 900

We have been using Mobil 1 for many years. I change oil every 10K miles and Mann filters every 5K miles. The reason I use this oil is because it is about as cheap as dino oil changed every 3K-5K miles and I don't have to be under the car in January or February here in MN pulling the drain plug and waiting for the containers to empty. Also, the seals last much longer with the synthetic oil. We have 3 of our 8 940s with over 200K miles and the rear main seals just leak a drop or two overnight compared to quite leaky rear main seals on cars at 100K miles that have had dino oil. I also have synthetic oil in the differentials and the pinion seals seem to last much longer but rust still takes them out here in MN. I mentioned about as cheap as dino because you can get Mobil 1 for $26.99/6 qts.= $4.50/qt. on sale at Costco. So, if changing oil every 3.3K miles with dino oil then the Mobil 1 is 10K miles/3 times as long = $3.33/qt. equivalent.
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New Which type of engine oil do you prefer? [900]
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