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Accessory belts 244 DL 200 1982

All the literature I've read concerning this issue seems to apply to '83 and newer models....jack screws, adjustment bolts, etc.

This is the B21F non turbo motor with AC and power steering.

3 out of 4 belts were looking a little rough so I decided to replace them all. Got the alternator and power steering pump belts off in about 3 minutes after I took off the fan and shroud. I spent an hour just looking at the York compressor to try and figure out how to loosen it to get the belt off. I never found the "missing" or "hard to find" jack screw or any other adjustment bolts anywhere. It only has the single bolt that mounts the pulley to the body of the compressor, and the bigger 14mm bolts that mount the body to the engine. I ended up taking the air cleaner assembly and the steering pump off so I could really get a good look in there. No luck. It looks hard mounted directly to the bracket which in turn is hard mounted to the engine block.
I had mirrors, lights, everything in there and couldn't find anything.

I ended up loosening the engine crankshaft pulley bolts just enough to give the belt a little wiggle and I pried it off with a screwdriver. I got the new one back on by feeding it over the compressor pulley and bumping the starter. It worked, but it was a damn lot of hard work, so my question is, isn't there an easier way? Or does the '82 and older setup just suck like that?

Also, after getting all the belts back on and tight, the aft alternator belt seems a tad looser than the forward belt. I messed around with the single bolt at the bottom of the alternator, and that seems to move the alternator on a perpendicular axis from the belt line. I thought that was the tensioning adjustment bolt, but maybe it's an angle adjustment bolt?? Maybe that's why the inner belt is loose? I messed with it but I haven't gotten both belts to have the same tension.

Thank you for the input!!!


New Accessory belts 244 DL [200][1982]
posted by  Koamileli  on Fri May 22 14:22 CST 2015 >

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