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Dog cage hardware install questions

The hardware shown is what I have to install a dog cage in a 7/945. I know the components marked with "A" install at the top at the same point the 3rd seat belts are located at the top of the window line.

I believe the "B" pieces might attach to the back of the second seat to keep the barrier in place along its bottom edge.

The "C" pieces mount on the underside of the roof through the headliner to hold the barrier up if you don't want to completely remove it (unfortunately I only have one of the two).

Can someone help by answering these questions please:

1. Where exactly do the "B" pieces go?
2. Where exactly do the "C" pieces go?
3. What are the 8 clips/clamp like devices for?


 photo cage copy_zpsviopmurj.jpg


New Dog cage hardware install questions
posted by  rstarkie  on Wed Apr 15 13:27 CST 2015 >

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