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don't forget the steering column, and ... 200

Woops, forgot, ....

On the steering shaft column, you have the lower and upper U-joints.

You check for play in these like a RWD drive shaft U-joint, twist fore and aft, and feel for play.

Usually, it is the lower, larger, steering column, just above the steering rack, that fails first.

If you Volvo 240 does not have the belly pan, and each and every Volvo 240 must have its belly pan (unless you don't care for your 240), else all works in the engine bay deteriorate somewhat to a great deal faster, without the Volvo 240 under engine compartment belly pan. You can find replaced new at a Volvo 240-equipped yunk yard.

Volvo OEM and the OEM vendor of the 240 steering column are no longer available, some report. Some may have used new old stock in their possession.

Else, you have Made someplace in the western Pacific junk from FCP Groton (CT-state) and iPd (OR-state) for Volvo 240.

Hope that helps.

You humble, sort of getting tire of them, Volvo 240s, owner and operator.
Waitin' for that 2016 model year made in Sweden Volvo 164 or 242 GT ...

Waitin' a looooooooooong time ...

So long.

Say "Made in Europa".

So long.


New front suspension parts- where? [200]
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