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Flushing out the power steering fluid- 700

Hello to all
I did a DIY job on flushing out the steering fluid on my 1991 940 Volvo Sedan. I used about two liters of power steering fluid in the process. (Dextron lll)It was messy but I learned that if you use a long hose attached to the reservoir out-put line, and lead it to an emt jug on the ground it will keep the used fluid from flying all round the engine bay. The engine needs to be running, so if the reservoir runs dry,shut off the engine, refill the container, and do it again, until the fluid is a reddish, clean color. The original fluid in the car was grayish looking and hadn't ever been flushed out.
The effect on the steering was immediate, made the steering very smooth and the pump quieter also.
Just to let you DIYer's know! Check out the FAQ's for particulars.
89-740 GLE;91-940 Sedan ;98-V90 Wagon ___ all running well


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New 1 Flushing out the power steering fluid- [700]
posted by  volvosenior  on Sun May 18 16:16 CST 2014 >

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