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Replaced MAF & now have a 3-2-2 code 200

Hello all.... Several weeks ago my check engine light came on. It said that the MAF sensor was bad. Probably was, as the previous owner had been driving around with a bad air box thermostat. Anyway, replaced the MAF with a rebuilt one from IPD and now I keep getting a 3-2-2 code. Oh, I have a 1991 240 with the LH 2.4. The code is when the diagnostic wire is in position 2. I realize it is the WIRE BURN OFF not working code. I tested the MAF Ohms (per Bentley) and did the burn off test. (retracted the MAF rubber boot back and put a test lead on the White wire, Revved the engine to 2500, settle to idle, and then shut off, and 4 seconds later I DID get a voltage increase. However, my digital voltmeter read .108 when it surged. All the information I could find was regarding the LH 2.2 which says it should be 1 volt. I can't find anything that says what the voltage should be. The Bentley manual just says there should be a positive deflection (if I remember correctly).
So, I am only getting a tenth of a volt at .108. Is that right?? I tested the main relay (per Bentley) and its good as well. Also, I changed out my ECU with another one and its still giving me the same code. I am pulling my hair out trying to figure this one out and I don't have enough money to just keep buying and replacing things.

Anyone have any ideas? could the rebuilt MAF sensor I just bought be bad? or could it be I have two bad ECU's. BTW, I did check all the connections for corrosion. Thanks in advance :)

Scott in Dallas (Hot as Hell here)


New Replaced MAF & now have a 3-2-2 code [200]
posted by  Engine41  on Mon Aug 5 15:27 CST 2013 >

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