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DIY - LED Dome Light Upgrade 900

Just wanted to share a quick change I made to my 1994 945. It’s pretty basic as I am still taking much more knowledge from the brickboard than giving back.

The stock dome light was pretty useless at actually lighting up the interior of the car, especially at night making finding dropped toys and other detritus was difficult at best. I started thinking about dome light upgrades.

I thought a replacement festoon LED insert would throw off extra light without drawing too many amps or creating unwanted heat, so I got a LED panel from Amazon for ~$3.00 that included a bullet style bulb adapter (picture below). After install, it is a major improvement.


1. Gently remove dome light (four clips total; 2 each on driver and passenger sides). I discovered two of the four clips on the cover of the light were already broken (the map lights were inoperable when I got the car), but I got them working while out. The switches are shot, though.

2. Don’t think to take out the interior light fuse and short it out when disconnecting the dome light wiring (this step is optional).

3. Remove dome light bulb.

4. I couldn’t insert the LED panel from the top, so I pulled off the clear plastic cover by very gently pushing in the four small clips holding it to the beige plastic mount, inserted the LED panel, and reassembled. I thought about using adhesive, but the panel press-fit nicely with no play.

5. Reattach dome light cover.

6. Enjoy the light! Photos don’t show it well, but I’d say the LED throws off at least twice the amount of light and is a vast improvement.

Once I find a good 740/940 in a junkyard with a better dome light and working map light switches, I’ll probably replace mine and upgrade the map lights to LED as well. Photos below.

Festoon panel:

Original dome light interior:

LED panel installed (looking down from top):

LED panel installed (looking up at light)

LED vs regular bulbs:


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