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re: 87 245 auto - welding floor pan/outside set up 200 1987

Hi all,

I need your help. I would like to patch up my rusty holes. Does this sound good too you? And please answer my questions below. Thank you as always.

1. fill up the gas tank full
2. place jack stand on all four corners
3. disconnect/remove battery
4. build up a temporary partition wall using 1/2"thk sheet rock for safety (starting from the ground to under the car)
5. remove front/rear seats
6. remove all carpets
7. take a break
8. remove rust/clean/prep surface
9. take a break
10. cut sheet metal to size/ 1/4" over lap
11. apply weld thru primer
12. take a break
13. weld with HFT mig welder/from bottom
14. tack weld first on corners
15. add 1"-3" weld strip along the new panel
16. take a break
17. add seam sealer
14. add primer then rust proof it
15. take a break and put them back together.

Q1. What about fuses? Do I need to remove them?
Q2. Floor pan gauge thickness and what type of metal? It's all rusted, hard to measure...
Q3. Is this good enough for this type of welding? HFT 90 Amp Flux Wire Welder Chicago Electric Welding Systems - item#68887
Q4. Which brand should I get for welding helmet? I just need something basic to protect my eyes. No HFT brand please...
Q5. There is wiring running across... Can I remove them temporarily?


This is from my welding class.


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