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No Start (No Fuel) 700 1989

1989 780 with B230FT. 170,300+ miles and has been sitting for ~5 years.

I got it cleaned out, cleaned up, and my fluids topped up (except Gasoline, which is at only 3 gallons). Oil is nice a clean. It cranks just fine, all electrics (except the power seats) are also working fine. All fuses have been checked and are intact.

So here's the issue. No fuel. Nothing is getting up to the rail. I've cranked and cranked, opened the line, diverted it into a container. No fuel is getting to the rail. That usually means relay, or pump(s), or a busted pickup hose in the tank.

I've checked the pump relay, feeling and hearing the click as it is activated with the ignition switch.

I hear nothing from the main pump, and nothing from the pre-pump when I crank or when I click the ignition.

I've located the pre-pump/sender wiring plug and here's where my past knowledge starts to fail me. My 940 has four wires, two are the loop for the resistor/gauge, the other two are hot and ground for the main pump. It's easy to test pump function on the 940 by applying current to the red/black wires. On the 780, I'm not so sure. Nothing happens...

The 780 has three wires: Red, Brown, Grey. Is one of these even ground? I've tried applying 12v to a combination of the wires, but I get nothing at all from the pre-pump. Shouldn't I hear something? I'm guessing that Red is pump hot, brown is pump ground and grey is the sender wire, but maybe not, maybe I just fried something...

Is there another way to test the pre-pump w/o the engine actually running? The FAQ doesn't suggest much here.

What should I be hearing?
What do the three wires to the in-tank assembly do? Where is the "ground" I have read about?

Should I be hearing the pre-pump running?

I'm not afraid to, but I'd rather not pull the in-tank assembly.

And of course there's the main pump...

Some (Maybe) Relevant Background
For the last 7 years I've owned a 1995 NA 945 with a single in-tank pump. I've had to replace it, and open it up three other times to repair the resistor wiring, and replace the pickup hose when it popped off. I used to own a two-pump 86 745 GLE, but that was before I got back into Mechanics. Back then, I never messed with the fuel system aside from replacing the filter and doing tune-ups.

The 780's previous owner was actually a Volvo mechanic. He assumed that it was a failed relay, pre-pump hose, or similar. However, aside from opening the access panel and pulling some fuses, he never tried to diagnose it. The guy hurt his back and gave up on the car. It's been sitting since early 2007.

The 780 had a hand-free cell phone setup. It also appears to have an alarm system. I have no idea if either could be screwing with the pump... The non-functional seats might be related... probably not.


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New No Start (No Fuel) [700][1989]
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