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Hello all,

I have an AW71 in my '69 122S, taken from a '94 940 turbo. A lovely piece of gear, particularly on the highway with the long O/D gearing. However, it has always leaked modestly, which I chalked up to the front seal. Over the winter, with the car in storage, the leak seems to have gotten worse. I'm pretty sure that the fluid level at rest must be below the level of the front seal, pointing to the pan gasket. Unfortunately, when I did the conversion, I had to massage the dipstick tube so that I'm not entirely sure of the actual fluid level, but I'm reasonably confident that I haven't overfilled it.

So I have two questions - one, am I correct in assuming that at rest the fluid level is below the front seal? And two, are there other sources for the leak other than the pan? I should say that none of the rear seal, the dipstick tube connection, nor the oil cooler lines are leaking.

Thank you,
Barry '67 122S "Betty" (Rest in parts), '69 122S "Veronica"


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New AW71 fluid level [900]
posted by  uncle_bagley  on Thu Apr 5 07:13 CST 2012 >

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