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93 240 stalling 200 1993

Hi All -- I'm hoping that you can help me diagnose a mystery intermittent stalling problem that my 1993 240 has.

What happens is this: I start the car in the morning, it starts fine and put it into gear give it some gas and it goes. When I stop, or slow down to stop it stalls. I start it again, it turns over fine and I put it into gear and drive a few feet and it stalls when I slow down or stop. It's not stalling when idling in park.

The first time this happened the engine ran a little rough on start up and after stalling.

Both times this has happened has been in the morning when it's been chilly out (around 30 - 40 degrees); I haven't had it stall later on in the day.

The first time it happened I took it to my mechanic who couldn't replicate the problem, but he did find that the fuel injector relay was the original and had some worn connections, so we replaced that. Maybe that took care of the rough running/idling but not the issue that's causing the stalling?

My gut feeling is that this is related to temperature - every other morning when the temps have stayed around 50 at night I haven't had a problem, it's only been the nights that have gone down into the 30s and 40s that this has happened.

Any ideas?


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New 93 240 stalling [200][1993]
posted by  someone claiming to be Rachel Margaret  on Tue Apr 3 06:40 CST 2012 >

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