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smoke from radiator 900 1994

Hey fellow BBer's,

My 940 that i acquired last October is running great, he's now at 222,000 miles! This morning however, after i started him up and drove to the grocery store(only 5 min or so), i popped the hood and saw the there was smoke coming out of the radiator fan area, but the fan wasnt running. I kept an eye on my needle all day today, but it never went above halfway, and when i popped the hood 30 minutes later, the radiator wasnt smoking any more. I should note, that over the past couple weeks, its been leaking TINY amount of coolant from the top rad hose(new Volvo oem), even though its tightened as safe as i can go. Is the rad clogged and time to be replaced? As far as i know its original, so its time soon.

I have also noticed that on rainy mornings that my belts make a god awful squeeling sound for the first couple miles, but then subsides. Should i tighten up my belts, or would it be a pulley? I had all 3 belts, timing belt,tensioner, and water pump, replaced in november.

Thanks for all the help,

1994 Volvo 940 n/a 222,000 and counting


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New smoke from radiator [900][1994]
posted by  Wildmanwes  on Sun Apr 1 18:10 CST 2012 >

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