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Preserving rear hatch lock and latch 1800 1973

In college many people would slam the wagon door of my 245, so bad at times I would need to reattach something in the electric lock or wiper mechanism from time to time. (I have forgotten which one. I did have to replace a rubber band on the inside of the wiper motor that held the brushes against the armature every three or four months until I replaced it with a spring from a BIC pen, once it glowed red and popped I used a spring from another BIC pen and a small loop of fishing line - worked for years after that)

If I ever let anyone near the open tailgate of the 1800ES with a notion that they should close let alone slam it I would have to reach through the pile of tempered glass for the tire iron and break their knee cap.

Make sure the lock cylinder/tumbler works - mine did then didn't. Replaced butterfly and lock cylinder.
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New Preserving rear hatch lock and latch [1800][1973]
posted by  matt b  on Mon Feb 20 10:02 CST 2012 >

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