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As the article explains, "In the end, there are no significant differences in top end, wide open throttle, horsepower between batch fired and timed systems...On performance applications, emissions are often not an issue and most engines not equipped with a catalyst will not pass a modern emissions standard anyway."

The argument is that high rpms negate the difference between batch and timed systems.

But I don't consider the B230 to be a performance engine, nor do I believe my sister should be racing. And of course, emissions are a factor. However we are stuck with the batch system so should try to help the ECU do what it is designed to do.

I also asked, "Wouldn't it have been better if the injectors had been placed in the common area just after the throttle body, so the ECU could better adjust for fuel mix reaching the cylinders? Maybe even doing away with a couple of injectors?"

That question remains unanswered. Has anyone moved the injectors to the common area where the cold start injector already resides?

1980 245 Canadian B21A with SU carb but electronic ignition and M46 trans in Brampton, Ont.


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New Injector question [200]
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