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How to resolder/ flow relays? 200

A 100/140W gun is much too bulky and hot for this kind of work. A pencil in the 35W range should do the trick. Make sure the tip is clean and not pitted; if it's pitted, replace it. As others have said, wipe the tip on a damp sponge once it's hot, tin it by touching fresh solder to the end then give it a quick wipe again. Most of the time the bad connections are caused by either the solder on the board coming away from the trace or, more often in my experience, cold joints coming away from the component being soldered TO the trace. One of those cheap vac-bulbs is a great way to remove the old solder, but you can get by sometimes by just reheating the joint and letting the solder reflow. It's better to get the old stuff off. Solder wicks work too, but are a little more difficult to use.

Once you get the old solder off, place the pencil tip so it simultaneously contacts the wire from the component and the trace, then allow it to heat for a few seconds. Apply solder to the junction between the component and the trace, but NOT to the tip. If you apply it to the tip (which is hotter than the other spots), the solder will just ball up on the tip. Solder needs to flow from areas hot enough to melt it towards areas that are even hotter, i.e., from the junction opposite the iron TOWARDS the iron. Remove the iron once the solder has flowed correctly, without jiggling the site, and wait a few seconds before handling it. Done. Much harder to describe than it is to do it.



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