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troubleshooting 700 1989

Im working on this issue myself in my Non Turbo. Ever since i purchased it the Cooling system keeps turning brown, and would intermittantly loose water in ever so slight amounts. I did a compresson check and it was good, i had no water in the Oil or Tranny fluid. the only thing i can figure is there is a crack in the radiator letting tranny fluid into the cooling system, i replaced the radiator with a nice Nissins all metal i found at the pick yard and the Coolent has not changed color but i am still loosing ever so slight some here and there, My next step will be to replace all the cooling hoses in case they are leaking when hot. I should also mention i replaced and resealed the Thermostat first thing.


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New troubleshooting [700][1989]
posted by  myribitsbroke  on Sat Feb 4 18:48 CST 2012 >

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