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RANCO heater control valve testing 120-130

The seal kit I used consisted of just the flat rubber seal and simplified, but helpful, instruction sheet for RANCO Automotive Thermostatically Controlled Heater Control Valve.

It’s labeled NAPA/Balkamp part number 6601000: “Replacement seal fits most early models”
It took 3 NAPA stores to find them. I bought two @ $9 each. I can get more if needed.

I used soldering iron to heat the tabs before uncrimping them …s l o w l y with thin knife blade and then duck-billed nosed pliers. Tabs look easily breakable.

Used similar method to uncrimp valve body from plate. These are brass and curved and even easier to break. I resized (made round again) copper tubing with propane torch heat and ¼” pipe nipple (.50 OD).

Recrimped tap by tap with soft beryllium drift. Another set of hands would have helped.

Lubed mechanism with NAPA spray white grease.

Note: I have spare control valve so didn’t mind trying to take one apart.

Now to build the heater itself.


New RANCO heater control valve testing [120-130]
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