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RANCO heater control valve testing 120-130

I'm also interested in restoring a few of the Ranco valves of the type used in the 240, which instead of a thermocouple, use a capillary fluid line and piston to modulate the valve opening. All those I have are dead -- the fluid gone, and most seem to still have decent valve stems. Easily seen using the heat gun/hair dryer test. The problem appears to be more one of restoring the thermostat control, since the parts to fix the valve stem seal are reportedly available.

The real reason I jumped in here was to remind y'all there's no need for 20 or whatever pounds of pressure to test the valve and seat. The cooling system might develop that on your Amazons (not nearly half that on a 240), but the heater port on the coolant pump won't push (pull) it against one side of the valve with more than a pound or two difference from the other side. I suggest your cheeks develop enough pressure to test the seal.

Here's the Ranco used in the 200 series shown with an extra thermostat motor.

Art Benstein near Baltimore

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New RANCO heater control valve testing [120-130]
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