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New Years Eve Upgrade Update (With Pictures) 900 1995

Last day of the year, and maybe the last nice day of the season.. hard to say.

I've removed the original aluminum roof rack and installed much heavier steel V90 roof rails. I've also replaced the bumper mounted Volvo/Hella foglights, painted the mirror housings and a spare grill surround (color is still a bit "off"). I've also installed V90 tail lights, and added rain guards to the doors.

I still have a lot of fixes and upgrades planned, but winter will probably put the kibosh on much else.

I still plan to make several cosmetic upgrades:

1) Paint the bumpers - 1997+ "Euro Style" (mainly black with body-matching color trim)
2) Add a V90/960 tailgate wing
3) Replace the tailgate and door handles with the painted V90 style
4) Replace the door and fender trim with painted V90 style trim
4) Replace the rear wiper arm with the V90 style
5) Install "Propus" BBC wheels (currently on my C70) using spacers
6) Add IPD lowering springs (or overloads)
7) Install an IPD roof rack plug kit for the old rack holes (on its way here).

I've got some engine and mechanic updates planned, but they won't change the look of the car. Strut braces, upgraded swaybars, stainless rear brake lines.

My goal is a 940 that doesn't attract too much attention, still looks timeless, but anyone familiar with Volvos will recognize it as unusual.


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New Make my 940 look and act nicer? [900][1995]
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