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'84 245 Won't Start 200 1984

I have a close friend's '84 245 sitting in my driveway that refuses to start. It started off running great on Wednesday, and then when I went to start it on Saturday, it would idle, but whenever the throttle was applied, or a load was put on the engine, it would buck, miss and die. Now, it's gotten to the point where it doesn't start at all.

I've checked the fuel pump and injector relay by swapping them with an identical, known good relay from my 740, and the thing still refuses to start. I've also checked the distributor cap and cleaned the contacts on it and the rotor, and replaced the plugs.

One unusual thing I have noticed, though, is that I can hear the injectors buzzing whenever the key is turned on, and I'm leaning under the hood.

Any suggestions?


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posted by  darksider415  on Mon Dec 19 22:18 CST 2011 >

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