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No compression? 200

“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Sherlock Holmes.

Or something like that.

I'm thinking that maybe the compression test results were not accurate. (No offense intended to the guy with the problem - from the proceeding discussions, the usual suspects were searched and found to be unrevealing.)

One cylinder not firing and completely dry (while the other suffer from an overrich condition) means no fuel is getting into that chamber.

I understand that a faulty manifold gasket could cause some fuel to leak out, but the normal sucking action produced on the intake stroke should draw enough fuel out of the manifold and into the cylinder to fire off

If the described symptom - no fuel in that cylinder, lots of fuel in the other cylinders - is accurate, then the only other possibility (that I can think of ) is that the intake valve is not opening or the flow to the valve is blocked.

Hand cranking over the engine and watching the valves do their thing could be revealing.


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New No fuel in #3, but #'s 1, 2, & 4 [200]
posted by  LoveMy240Wagon  on Tue Dec 6 18:11 CST 2011 >

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