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Update 900 1995

Still no idea where the power has gone on the car, but need to test the compression.

Thanks to JerryC (Thanks Man!) I was able to source a replacement hella foglight for the passenger side of the car. It's not perfect-plastic, but the lens is good. With a combo of parts from my other smashed fogs, I should be able to at least plug the holes in the bumper. Wiring them could be an issue as I rerouted the fog wires to light the nose-mounted fogs in the eCodes...

Coincidentally, I finally broke down (on a good deal) and purchased a set of four Canisto Wheels for my c70.. This was oddly only a couple days before I scored a set of 17" Propus wheels locally. My c70 is now running with the Propus wheels, but after I put the Canistos on the C70, I'm going to move move the Propus over to the 940 (if I can find some affordable wheel spacers)

Finished black-painting the rear bumper, and then used some SC-601 Volvo Red to paint the lower air-dam and the trim below the euro headlights. It looks *really* nice. Probably even better if I can give it the euro bumper painted-trim treatment on the front and back. Coupled with the eCode headlights and interior, the car looks a lot younger than its 240k.

I also sourced a v90 tailgate "wing" from Turbobricks. Unfortunately, I'm low on paint and it's too cold to paint anything else outside this season.

Still looking for some sideskirts and the later-model roof rack/load bars.

I'm on the fence about painting the Mirror housings 601-red or re-blacking them, the upper door frames, and the B/C pillars. I'd probably have to tint the windows if I went for full-black.


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New Make my 940 look and act nicer? [900][1995]
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