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240 NO START 200 2001

OK, I found your summary reply to yourself with the puzzling contradiction described:

Per Lucid, I do have a solid 12 volts at both terms 1 and 15 on the coil (via test light) However, while cranking, terminal 1 goes dark. No dim light, no blinking, just black. I did try another coil from the 86, same thing.


On the gray wire, while cranking, I get nothing. Neither a ground signal on the gray wire, or any voltage on the gray wire.

These two conditions don't go together. If there was a constant voltage above ground seen at the gray wire during cranking, that would explain terminal 1 getting cut off. The only way I could explain what you have seen here is someone re-wired* things. If you are certain you're recalling this correctly, it would help me to know in detail, how you measured each attribute (signal, voltage, continuity) when you took those readings, i.e. type of meter, type of test light. When terminal 1 went dark, did terminal 15 remain at battery potential?

Another suggestion I can make is to check for a pulse, using your LED test light, at pin 16 and 17 on the ICU during crank.

*Here's a wild and far-fetched scenario that could explain the contradiction above. The ignition switch has contacts to provide terminal 15 power in KP-II and KP-III (cranking) as well as contacts that go "dark" when cranking. If the blue ignition (15) circuits got swapped to the other contacts, you'd have pretty much all but the spark during cranking.

Art Benstein near Baltimore

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New 240 NO START [200][2001]
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