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the m47 5 speed manual transmission

The clutch cable should pull back 1/16 -1/8 inch from the fork forward position when adjusted properly. I've found that the adjuster nut can slacken a bit over time so put a small hose clamp on the spiral cable ahead of the nylon adjuster to keep it in place. This is actually somehting the dealers techs reccommend.

The M47 Type I vs. Type II are different in the placement of the oil fill port on the side of the trans, Type II is slightly higher and can hold more fluid. and Type II has a redesigned 5th gear housing with tapered roller bearling in the main & 5th gear housing, wher type I has straight roller bearings, as a result the Type II is a stronger transmission. Your '92 should be a Type II. You really can't tell until you take it apart of have a Type I case next to yours.

Contrary to popular opinion here, I do not reccommend (nor does Volvo) to change the transmission fluid. At all, never, na-na, DO NOT drain! Unless of course there's a leak and you need to replace seals or service it.
Unlike all the other Volvo manual transmissions the M47 come filled with very expensive ($135/qt) synthetic transmission fluid. It is good for life. By my own experience, I can say that this is true, because I've done it a few times (and against my better judgement) and replaced it with 'The Good Redline MTL', which is not exactly the same as the Volvo oil. If you do, be prepared to change the oil every 40-50k miles, as it does darken and break down, where the Volvo oil doesn't.
It is really that good, and lasts the life of the transmission. If there are leaks, I would suggest to keep the oil and filter it and then put it back after you replace the seals. If it isn't leaking or having trouble shifting, don't touch it.

What I find the biggest cause of shifting problems is the linkage and shifter bushings. Take a careful look at everything, and replace things like the pivot bushings, swivel cup bushings, and two pins in the shift rail to the coupling at the back of the transmission. You may also want to replace the tailshaft seal, which can be done without disassembly or draining the transmission.

All Volvo cast iron block 4 cyl engines from 1962 through 1997, B18, B20B/E/F, B21A/F/T, B23E/F/T, B230F/T, B234F are considered "Redblocks"


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New 1 the m47 5 speed manual transmission
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