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intermittent problem, check engine light 900 1993

1993 940 non-turbo wagon

So, I have been trying to get to the bottom of this problem for a while now.

Check engine light will come on, after about 200-300 miles after resetting the computer (pulling fuse or disconnecting battery).

The car will run fine for this whole time. Then suddenly while driving, the check engine light will come on.

After the light comes on, sometimes I will get a pulsating idle, but as soon as I reset the computer, everything goes back to normal, again for about 200-300 miles.

The codes that get set: 231, 221 (Wiring fault or RPM sensor?). Read from port 2.

Any ideas? I understand that changing the RPM sensor is a PITA.


New intermittent problem, check engine light [900][1993]
posted by  pollu_sean  on Sat Feb 26 19:37 CST 2011 >

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