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Yazaki speedometer repair sources, updated 900

This post is a follow-up to an earlier thread, in which I was looking for gauge shops that could repair the Yazaki speedometers used in the 900 series:


For further background, please read the 700/900 FAQ:


Based on replies to my earlier thread and my latest experiences, I suggest the following shops as possible places to have your Yazaki gauge repaired:

* Paul's Speedometer Services (http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=6336015707570454726)
* A+ Speedometer Services (http://www.speedometerservices.com/)

I do not recommend APT Instruments (http://www.gaugeguys.com/), as I will explain:

As I wrote in the old thread, I spoke with APT on the phone. The fellow I spoke with sounded knowledgeable about the common problems with these gauges (leaking capacitors) and quoted $250 to repair one. However, their bench testing of my gauge indicated that it was fine. Since I knew the car's wiring was sound, APT recommended replacing the vehicle speed sensor. They did not charge me for their testing.

My speedometer continued to misbehave after the sensor replacement. Since the problem was intermittent, my guess is that APT did not spend enough time testing the gauge to uncover its fault, but I cannot be sure. I contacted APT again, and was told that they did not work on Yazaki gauges. Even when I gave them the reference number off their own paperwork, they claimed they didn't know what I was talking about. I cannot explain why their story changed.

This was quite annoying. I had spent a good deal of time and money unnecessarily replacing a sensor on the basis of their diagnostic work, which they subsequently disavowed any knowledge of.

APT is not the only shop that has given me conflicting information. Overseas Speedometer (http://www.speedometer.com/) claimed they did not work on Yazaki gauges when I first called. When I, on a whim, sent them an e-mail a bit later, they claimed they did. Perhaps I spoke/corresponded with someone different the second time around.

In the end, I sent the gauge to A+ Speedometer Services. They found the fault, rebuilt the gauge with new capacitors, and it seems to be working correctly. I will not declare final victory over this problem until I've driven the car for a few weeks, but I have hope (and tightly crossed fingers).


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New 3 Yazaki speedometer repair sources, updated [900]
posted by  wwcline  on Fri Nov 12 09:15 CST 2010 >

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