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122 ignition switch removal 120-130 1967

Hi all--I have the typical ignition switch problem with my 122s, and procrastinated too long to install the push-button starter system. My daughter broke a key off in the switch, and I am unable to remove the broken key. I thought I would remove the switch assembly from the dashboard to get a better look. The service manual says something to the effect of "remove the two screws and remove the switch assembly." I removed the two screws but have not been able to get the chrome ring off the front of the assembly in order to pull it through the dash. Is there some trick? I assumed that it was threaded and would screw off the front, but I've turned it quite a bit without success. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


New 122 ignition switch removal [120-130][1967]
posted by  chrispalmer  on Tue Aug 3 05:28 CST 2010 >

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