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B230K ignition timing 200 1987

Hi Richard;
I tried to respond to the email you sent me, but my reply bounced.
If you indeed have the high-compression B230K engine (with the 631 cylinder head) and snapped the timing belt, I am surprised to hear that there were no damages. Buy lottery tickets today!

If the NZ imported cars are like their Scandinavian siblings, there is no way you can set the ignition timing on the B230K equipped cars, provided the ignition is original. There is some electronic wizardry inside the silver Bendix box that takes care of the ignition, mounted on the fire wall on the passenger side inside the car. There is nothing apart from the rotor inside the distributor.

Assuming that the belt is correctly installed, and that the engine was running fine before the mishap, I would suspect the rough running might be caused by one or more slightly bent valve stems, but I'm only guessing.

Good luck with it!

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New B230K ignition timing [200][1987]
posted by  NZ 240GLE  on Sat Jan 30 17:35 CST 2010 >

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