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blower motor 900

I have a 94 940 with 200k miles....blower stopped (no heat and defrost)....pulled it out and it started running again...seems okay at all five speeds...but output might be weak. Running plenty fast it seems, but the output out of the all the vents seems to be weak...defrost, dash, floor......seems like air movement is a little lacking.

Right now it's hanging out of the dash in the footwell, and connected, and I can get it to go through all the speeds but sometimes it starts turning on it's own and sometimes I need to start it by turning it. Almost like the armature isn't lined up to start and needs to be oriented properly.

Is it shot?
I'm stuck on Volvo and Volvo's stuck on me....


New blower motor [900]
posted by  Hovonogila  on Sat Jan 23 07:49 CST 2010 >

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