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permatex on intake manifold? 900 1993

Has anyone used permatex on an intake manifold gasket to seal a small vacuum leak? I'm pretty sure I've finally found the source of my slightly poor idle and high emissions, but replacing the gasket and retightening the nuts only helped, not eliminated the problem. I tightened from the middle outwards then retightened after all were snugged up and found that the 2 nuts on the cylinder 1 intake never needed to be retightened whereas all the others had some movement even after a couple of retightenings, so I may have some irregularities in the manifold. I was thinking of installing 2 gaskets to see if that would help. The leak must be so small that I can't hear it or get a response by introducing propane nearby. Any ideas?

Had a great find on this new to me 940 - fairly new looking heavy duty Bilsteins all the way around - that explains the handling and maybe the IPD badge - bonus!


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93 944


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New permatex on intake manifold? [900][1993]
posted by  ronald  on Tue Dec 15 03:26 CST 2009 >

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