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I love my 940 Turbos

My first Volvo was an 850 GLT LPT. Thanks to you guys on the Brickboard, I learned that 240/940s are also desirable and I learned to do minor service, brake jobs, etc. So I have since had two 240s and now have a couple of 940s. (four drivers in the family all driving Volvos).

Just wanted to share with you how much I love stepping on it with my 940 Turbos (I have a 1992 sedan and a 1993 wagon) and feeling the smooth acceleration from this solid, heavy car; while knowing it is just a little 4 cylinder flying me around, not burning much fuel. Sure it aint the fastest compared to many cars but for a 18 year old car, it sure feels great, especially knowing I paid less than $3000!

I wasn't even in the market for the 1993 940 Turbo wagon but I saw a perfect looking white one in a parking lot a couple of months ago, stopped the driver, and asked if he was interested in selling. Amazingly they had just ordered a new Volvo wagon and sold me the old one once the new one came in. Original owner, 88,000 miles, all service receipts from day one. They had a lot of offers to sell it, but wanted it to go to a good home and I met that criteria, given my three other cars were Volvos!
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New I love my 940 Turbos
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