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v90 overheating 900

This is 1998 V90 with 127k miles, and a green plastic resevoir cap. Right when I was finishing up a 10-hour road trip with the family today, the car overheated. I'm looking for advice, so I'll start from the beginning.

3 years ago, replaced the factory radiator because the plastic hose neck was cracking

2 years ago, replace temp sensor (failed) and the thermostat (since i was already in there anyway)

3 weeks ago, replace aftermarket radiator (leaking) with an aluminum aftermarket radiator

2 weeks ago, cap on the radiator's oil cooler port (this is a universal-type radiator) blows off while wife is waiting to pick up son from school. She shuts down car immediately. Replace cap with a beefier one, refill with whatever rad fluid I have in the trunk plus water, and car runs fine. however, I notice that there is always a faint odor of radiator fluid after shutting the car down. I see no drips, no water in oil, and no oil in water. Car is using a little bit of rad fluid, but I figure it has to do with high water ratio (evaporation????), so I top off the tank with coolant.

Yesterday, I drove for 5 hours. Coolant level did not move a hair.

Today, Drive 4 hours. Stop to refuel. Coolant level has not moved. Drive 6 more hours on the highway. After 30-minutes in stop/go traffic, I see some steam coming from the hood. I look at temp guage, and it's almost in the red. Pull over, and pop the hood. The resevoir cap sounds like a soda bottle being slowly opened ("pfffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttt"). after about 10 minutes, I find an old cowboy hat on the side of the road. I put it over the resevoir cap and slowly twist it open. lots of bubbling, lots of steam, and lots running over. I grab a jug of coolant/water mix out of the trunk and refill. The car takes 1 gallon plus 24-oz of bottled water (sorry dear, but the car is thirstier than you right now). The temp needle is standing in the middle, so I start it up and drive again. No more overheating problems for the remaining 45 mins.

Hears what I'm going to check tomorrow:
1. Fan operation: if not working, is the fan, the fuse, the relay, or the sensor the biggest culprit? Suggestions on how to test? Where is the sensor for the fan located?

Any suggestions would be helpful. Is there something else I'm overlooking?


New v90 overheating [900]
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