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Transmission/Driving issues - help please 700 1990

Thanks in advance for the help/advice here...

I have a 1990 765 Turbo w/ Intercooler, only 151K, original engine and AW71 transmission.
Lately, when I first start the car, especially in the mornings, the transmission will not want to shift, and the car won't accelerate as it used to, for about the first 5-10 minutes of driving. The engine will rev to about 4-5K and stay there, but with minimal acceleration. Once I get going for about 10 minutes, and/or after driving on the highway, the problem goes away, though there doesn't seem to be the oomph as there was 3 months ago.
I had a transmission flush done in the spring, and the shop used Kendall VersaTrans ATF. I've only had the car 2 years, and there's no service records available before then, so I anticipate doing a pan gasket and filter change shortly. The fluid is still red and new-looking, and the level has remained constant since I bought it.
The driveability issues seem to be less pronounced when the weather is warmer, but there's still less 'oomph' than before. I recognize the possibility that it might be the differential or the engine causing the problem - I know the PCV flame trap hasn't been touched in years and needs it, and there's a few seal leaks here and there. I also know I'm on borrowed time with the timing belt, but it's not cracking (yet), but I hear that doing it every 50K is almost a must. The car tends to be quite babied and was in excellent shape relatively speaking when I bought it. Since owning it I've put in a new AMM, plugs, plug wires, oil changes regularly, had the tranny cooler lines rerouted so they were correct and not going through the intercooler, several relays replaced, new distributor and cap, new water pump, and new tires. No codes in the diagnostic system, no warning lights or anything either.
I work at a shop, so getting dirty to do more research doesn't bother me, but I want to spend as little of my shop's time as possible trying to figure this out instead of working on customers' cars, and I'm very familiar with my local independent Volvo shop and the two local dealers, and we have several tranny shops we liasion with, so there's lots of expertise available and willing to lend a hand, for a nominal fee.

Any ideas or places to start poking around more?



New Transmission/Driving issues - help please [700][1990]
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