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Failing power stage? 900

So I am driving back to ATL from Nashville yesterday in my '94 940 and as I am cresting the first mountain pass the car dies. After about 45 minutes it restarted and got me back into GA when it died again. At this point I notice no pulsing tach on reatart attempts. after a while it restarts again and over the next hour it fails/eventually restarts after variable wait times. During these events, I test fuel pressure via the Shrader valve (I have no tools with me so it is just releasing the valve to see if there is any pressure, there is. No overheating observed which I initially though could have been the culprit considering the load due to the hills.
Eventually it dies on the top end perimeter about 25 miles from home and the battery diers after numerous attempted restarts. By this time my mind has drifted to the power stage which I have noticed is loose in its mounting (screw holes are stripped). I get a tow home and slap a charger on the battery. I think I have a back-up power stage in the shop and will swap it out after it stops raining. Any reason to think I am barking up the wrong tree?
Oh, after some of the stalls, I checked the MOT with 1-1-1 being displayed at both pins 2 & 3. Shouldn't a failing power stage kick off an error code?


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